I am a publishing consultant and publishing coach with 15 years of experience, in Italy and in London, working with fiction, illustrated non fiction and children’s books. I am also a technical and literary translator and conference interpreter in Italian, English and French, with a passion for creative writing and photography.

parola /pa·rò·la/
sostantivo femminile – Lat. tardo parabŏla; complesso di fonemi mediante i quali l’uomo esprime una nozione (Treccani)

word /wɜːd/
noun – Old English from an Indo-European root shared by Latin verbum; a single unit of language that has meaning and can be spoken or written (Cambridge Dictionary)

mot /mo/
nom masculin – Bas latin muttum, grognement; moyen d’expression orale ou écrite (Dictionnaire Larousse)

Il n’y a pas de temps pour la monotonie.
Il y a du temps pour le travail.
Et le temps de l’amour.
Cela ne laisse aucun autre moment.

Coco Chanel