From your idea to your book.

1. Alice in Wonderland: From Your Drawer To Your Desk

Are you ready to be a writer? 

Most people write. Some just letters to loved ones and friends, others a diary that at some points turns into a story that asks to be told. But is that Writing, with a capital W? We will drag the file from the hidden folder to your desktop and we’ll take a look at it. By the end of this work together you will have:

  • an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of your material
  • clear guidelines on how to improve your work and boost your publishing potential
  • a roadmap to follow from here

Cost: 150 pounds
Timing: 5 days

2. The Divine Comedy: From your Desk to Finding your Writing Way

You know you want to write, do you need someone to show you how?

Sometimes working on your material is hard. Your life keeps getting in the way, your thoughts distract you and you have a feeling you are losing time. I can be your Virgil, in the dark wood of writing. If you embark on the journey with me you will have:

  • a phone call of around 30 minutes every week, to become part of your writing routine
  • an assessment of the work you have done the previous week
  • an indication of the work to do the following week

Cost: 75 pounds a week
Timing: minimum 4 weeks

3. The Name of the Rose: From your Diary to a Book

Is your material good enough to have a chance to be published?

You have worked around your initial cornerstone and the few pages have become a story that you feel has something to say. Your nearest and dearest encourage you to write on: let me evaluate your work, idea or project and offer professional and honest advice. By the end of this work together you will have:

  • a professional evaluation of your work so far
  • a first 40 min coaching sessions to discuss it with you
  • a roadmap of writing exercises to upgrade your work
  • a final 40 min coaching session to finalize the project

Cost: £500
Timing: 10 working days

4. The Enchanted Mountain: From Manuscript to Potential Publishers

What will now make your work ready for submission?

If we have decided that your chances of being published are high enough for you to invest in this project, this phase will give you:

  • a professional index (in case of a work of non-fiction), 
  • a preliminary list of publishers who could be potentially interested in publishing your work.
  • a competition research: what other books of similar theme are present on the target market)
  • a synopsis (jargon for presentation) of the project/work of fiction that can appeal to publishers,
  • the editing of a chapter do be sent as sample text.

Cost: from £1000 to £2000
Timing: 15 working days 

NB cost and timing depend on many factors, like length, style, topic and structure. For example, a work of non-fiction generally needs more time, but you may be the new George RR Martin and you wrote a huge saga.

WE ARE A TEAM. This is why if we have gone trough phase zero and one together, we agreed your project is ready to fly and you decide to commit to phase two, I will invest in you and lift half of phase one’s fee from the overall cost.

4.bis War and Peace: From Presentation to Manuscript for Final Submission


What if you have a work of non-fiction, you have submitted a presentation that made a splash and now you need to submit your FULL work?

In case of a work of non fiction, when you have your publisher (or publishers) lined up and eager to read you, you will need to prepare your actual text to be submitted. I will collate the material you have available and revise it to make it coherent and readable.

Cost: from £1000 to £3000 – depending on extent and complexity
Timing: from 4 to 8 weeks  – depending on length and complexity

5. The Library of Babel: from a list of Publishers to Your Publisher

How can you find your publisher? 

I have an agenda of several hundred contacts at publishing houses in most countries of the world, and I know how to get a proposal on the desk of the right editor. I can offer my PR activity and ensure your work lands on the desk of someone with decision-making power, which will evaluate it and provide an honest answer. 

PUBLICATION CAN NEVER BE GUARANTEED. Please do not trust professionals who promise that; the only way to be sure your work will be published is self-publishing or Wicca, if you know someone powerful enough.

What I can promise is that the editors in charge from a list of five to ten potentially interested publishers will actually read your work and provide feedback.

TRANSLATIONS: The submission services could also be your call if you have an ALREADY PUBLISHED BOOK and you wish to publish it abroad. It is the publisher, who pays for the translation services when they decide to publish it, but very often it is easier to submit a work of fiction with the translation of a few pages, if you have the right credentials. I can help you reach out to publishers to try and publish your book abroad; this phase includes a professional presentation in English, if your book is in Italian or French. 

Cost: from £2000 to £3000
Timing: from 12 to 24 weeks 

NB cost and timing are heavily linked to the number of publishers you want me to contact, and of countries

WE ARE A TEAM. If we arrived so far together, I will work for a % on the final deal I will be able to negotiate, instead of a flat fee.

6. The Dangerous Liaisons: from an Offer to a Signed Contract

A publisher has made you an offer, how will you know that’s the best deal you can get?

Negotiation could be sneaky; with my 20 years of experience in drafting and negotiating contracts for publication rights with publishers from all over the world, I can assist you in the negotiation, explaining all the implications of the contract you will be offered and making sure you understand what they mean so that you will end up signing the best possible deal

Cost: from £500 to £1000 (depending on the complexity of the offer)
Timing: around 4 to 8 weeks

WE ARE A TEAM. If we arrived so far together, this is included in the submission services (see above).

I have played with some masterpiece of international literature to define the steps of the program. Did you recognize them?
0. Alice in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll –  England, 1869

1. The Divine Comedy, Dante Alighieri – Italy, 1321
2. The Name of the Rose, Umberto Eco – Italy, 1980
3. The Enchanted Mountain, Thomas Mann – Germany, 1924
4. War and Peace, Lev Tolstoy – Russia, 1879
5. The Library of Babel, Jorge Luis Borges – Argentina, 1941
5. The Dangerous Liaison, Pierre Choderlos de Laclos – France, 1782