I was born in Puglia, Italy, in the late 60’s, lived in Lombardy for 8 years as a child, went to University in Trieste, moved to Ravenna, then to Bologna and finally to London. I worked as a conference interpreter in Italy and North Africa, then as a marketing consultant between Italy, the US and Japan and while the twin towers were under attack I literally fell in love with publishing and I have been working with text and books since. I have been a literary translator, a commissioning editor, a project editor and foreign rights director in a small literary publisher in Ravenna, a children’s book publisher in Rome and a packager and publisher of illustrated non-fiction in London.

I am passionate, creative, unusual, with a varied background and life experience.

I have 15 years of experience in publishing, working as a commissioning and project editor and foreign rights manager in Italy until and then as foreign rights director in London, where I have been living and working since 2013.

I am a translator of literary fiction, non-fiction and children’s fiction and non-fiction, comics and theatre. and a technical translator as well as a simultaneous, consecutive and business interpreter working with English, French and Italian. 

I have over 30 years of experience and very specialised skills as a simultaneous conference interpreter and high-level business interpreter taking part in boards of directors and confidential meetings. 

My fields of expertise include Psychology and Psychoanalysis, the Media, Publishing, Architecture, Cinema, Literature and the Arts, Finance and Fashion.

I have excellent communication skills, a talent for relationship building and problem solving, a high level of empathy and outstanding team building and managing skills.

I am highly computer and social media literate, a Mac user also acquainted with PC and Android environment.